Without tricks and double bottoms. How careful international tax planning also brings considerable advantages to private individuals.

Careful international tax planning can bring significant benefits to individuals. By strategically structuring their tax affairs in an international context, they can reduce their tax burden, protect assets and make their estate planning more efficient.

The choice of residence or tax residency can have a significant impact on tax liability. While some countries tax the worldwide income of their residents, others are limited only to income earned domestically. By changing residence, individuals can significantly affect their tax liability. However, it should be noted that giving up residence can also have tax consequences.

International tax planning for individuals

Double taxation treaties are an important factor in preventing individuals from being taxed in several states for the same income. Skillful “residence management” and the use of double taxation treaty regulations can favorably influence the tax burden. This applies not only to income tax, but also to the taxation of inheritances and gifts, which can vary widely from country to country. Careful estate planning enables individuals to minimize their tax burden when transferring assets to future generations by consciously taking advantage of the regulations governing the taxation of cross-border inheritances.


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